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October 16, 2008


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Hey guys. Great, great, job pulling this together and getting it out there. In this crazy sea of misinformation, it's really good to see some in-depth, thoughtful coverage of what Sarah Pailin has actually done, apposed to what they obviously want us all to believe she has. I'm incredibly impressed, and will pass it on to everyone I know. Thank you, thank you!


My fellow Americans, we can not allow this woman to weasel her way into national office!

How in the hell did she become governor of Alaska? Someone tell me!

L. Malonson

Thank you so much for sharing this information. It just shows how much of a "BS'er" Ms. Palin is and how she is distorting her own record. How on earth do you build a complex without securing title to the land? Oh I know, in her world it is a matter of form over substance. Wasilla's loss may be America's tragedy.

Keep sharing this information.


Palin on CNN: "that One" won! Watch full video: http://shrinkify.com/eql
She said that now it is obvious result of the company Mccain

Sherry Whitstine

I thought I'd stop by. Always good to meet another blogger from Wasilla.


I would like to thank you for producing such well researched and produced videos. I saw this one posted on AlterNet and followed the link. I wonder why your efforts and this site are not being reported on by CBS, ABC and the rest.

I can only hope they are defeated on election day.


I have nothing but commendation for all the efforts the Wasilla Project team have put together; the research, the professionalism truly shines in videos the team has produced.

You've all demonstrate that, even though there are checks and balances in the government, it is the role of the citizen to provide oversight over the government.

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