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November 14, 2008


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Philip Munger

Your team crafted the most professional set of short documentaries on the Palin question, as viewed from her Wasilla history, that has been created. You should be very proud.

Thank you!


I love Sarah Palin, it is too bad that people who don't agree with her smear her. What has become of personal ethics?


I believe this website helped to save America on November 4th!

It helped the Republicans save themselves!!

The Republican fringe will kill the party and Sarah Palin is their icon!

Wake-up conservatives..only Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity would be proud...and they mean nothing to a better America. Mean spirits and a devisive, antagonistic rhetoric is all they stand for.

Congratulations America!


Wow Brenda...you have as much couth and class as Palin does. Do you eat with that mouth...the one those ugly words come out of?? I am sure there is rock somewhere you could crawl under.


So... what scandal is forcing Palin out???

Woodshop Tom

The picture doesn't seem to be displaying, i'm not sure whether it's just my browser or something. Thougth i would let you know just in case.

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